Sarath Ton | In WWE, All About Sasha Banks’ Husband (2023)

Sarath Ton is a professional wrestler turned costume designer who has worked with WWE superstars like as Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins. Ton is also well-known as the husband of Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado), one of his wrestling clients.

Sasha Banks, Sarath’s partner, is a WWE Superstar and actress. She also appears in Disney’s The Mandalorian’s second season. Despite being husband and wife for a long time, Banks and Ton have always kept their marriage and relationship private.

Ton Banks, Banks’ husband, has appeared for Ring of Honor, NWA, and Beyond Wrestling in addition to various independent promotions. Ton also competed in the 2015 IMPACT One Night Only: X-Travaganza PPV. In 2012, he made his WWE debut on RAW as Rutherford Hayes in a handicapped bout against Ryback. Ton’s wrestling career, however, ended when he was hit in the head, resulting in a concussion that forced him to retire from pro wrestling.

Wrestlers and fans alike adore him for crafting unique attire that appears eerily similar to costumes from blockbusters such as Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, he was inspired by the film to recreate Thanos’ costume for former WWE champion Seth Rollins. Ton’s wrestling days, why he had to end it, how he receives inspiration for his designing job, his relationship with his wife, Banks, and even the odds and ends are all covered in the work of words below.

Is Sarath Ton an Indian, and if so, what is his true ethnicity?

While little is known about Sarath’s early life or heritage, he is not Indian, contrary to popular belief. Instead, Banks’ spouse, Sarath Ton, is a Cambodian-born man who immigrated to the United States with his father and mother. In June 2022, he announced this when wishing his father a good Father’s Day.

On Instagram, after thanking his father, the warrior turned artist wrote,

Happy Father’s Day to the father who put everything on the line to bring me to this country. I hope I am doing you proud.

Ton, on the other hand, grew up largely in Boston. Sarath Ton, the PWI Woman of the Year’s husband, was born on June 9, 1983 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Ton, who is now 39 years old, presently resides in Orlando, Florida.

Sarath Ton’s Wrestling Career, Sasha Banks Husband

Ton’s professional wrestling career started in 2002 and lasted till 2015. Prior to 2015, he briefly worked in the WWE around the year 2012. He apparently trained with Kevin Landry, a local wrestler and trainer.

Similarly, he made his wrestling debut as Kid Mikaze at PWF Northeast Treachery on November 2, 2002, versus KL Murphy in Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast. Ton won his first championship as a rookie on November 16, at PWF Northeast Vindication, when he and Mike Paiva won the PWF Northeast Tag Team Championship.

Sarath would wrestle for the following twelve years around the northeastern United States. Chaotic Wrestling, New England Frontier Wrestling, Top Rope Promotions, and Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment were among the promotion circuits involved.

Ton won the Chaotic Wrestling CW Tag Team Championship, the CW New England Championship, and the CW Heavyweight Championship during these runs. During his stay with the Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast, he also won the PWF Northeast Tag Team Championship twice and the PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight Championship once.

As previously stated, he made his WWE debut on Monday Night Raw on June 11, 2012, as Rutherford Hayes. He was competing in a handicap squash match against Ryback with Willard Fillmore at the time.

Sarath’s Career Is Over

Ton’s WWE career ended in May 2015, following his only in-ring debut for WWE in NXT. He was teaming up with Jason Jordan at the time in a dark match against The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch). Sarath was hit in the head during the contest. A concussion ensued, forcing him to retire from professional wrestling for good.

After incurring an injury in his last WWE match in 2015, Ton was employed as a costume designer by the WWE under the ring name Mikaze.

Sarath Ton Is Now Working As A WWE Costume Designer

Sarath is currently employed as a popular costume designer in WWE. He’s been crafting costumes for the Boss since before he started dating the first Hell In A Cell competitor.

Later, WWE boss Triple H learned about Sarath’s outfits and offered him a trial. Sasha mentioned in an interview that Paul approached her one year and asked whether her husband was a costume designer.

Banks confirmed, and Triple-H told her he was looking for help with WrestleMania. Ton was then given a tryout by Paul, and from then on, Banks’ husband manufactured Triple H’s gear, Bella Twins’ gear, and so on.

How Did Ton Get Started in Design?

Ton honed his creative talents by taking sewing/design lessons in his spare time during his wrestling career. Sarath would create his own wrestling attire.

He appears to have grown up with an appreciation for art. Ton is said to have started drawing Ninja Turtles when he was 3 or 4 years old. Sarath excelled in art throughout high school.

During his junior year of high school, he began training to be a professional wrestler. Ton took a sewing class in his senior year, and when he began wrestling, he began buying fabric and old garments.

He also taught himself how to construct wrestling gear. Sarath confesses that his design is heavily influenced by his love of comic books, fashion, and television.

Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton; Ton used to design Banks’ costumes.

Ton and Sasha met when they were both wrestling on the Independent circuit in Boston in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Ton approached Sasha about designing her costume, and the two became acquainted. He even created Banks’ classic “Boss” outfit.

During an interview with WWE’s Charly Caruso, Sasha revealed that Sarath was a bit too forward on their first date. In the same interview, Sasha explained how Ton left his own job to accompany her to Tampa when she received an offer from WWE.

Banks and Sarath tied the knot on August 4, 2016. They married in a secret ceremony attended by several WWE stars and both of their families.

Sasha, on the other hand, did not officially and publicly declare her marriage to Ton until March 2017.

Are Sarath and Sasha parents?

Sasha and her designer husband do not have children, but they do have a Corgi named Ryu Maivia Ton.

Why doesn’t Sasha Banks talk about her marriage to Sarath Ton?

Sasha and Ton are both quite private about their relationship. Sarath’s ex-Tag Team Champion-wife said why she is so secretive about her connection with Ton in an interview with Afterbuzz TV.

Banks stated in the interview that she and Ton rarely discuss their relationship because her followers may be so insane and regularly make harsh remarks to her husband on social media. Sasha explained that she covers it because she sees what the internet writes to her spouse, Sarath, on Twitter, which she dislikes.

The former WWE Women’s Triple Crown winner also revealed that the online community frequently refers to her husband as “ugly.”

Sarath Ton Is A Professional Sneaker Artist As Well.

Sarath Ton, Banks’ husband, confesses he has always been a sneakerhead. His first employment, in fact, was at FootAction. He would eventually advance to the position of store manager.

Ton, Sasha’s husband, has also collaborated with Foot Locker to raise autism awareness. Sarath Ton created the Diadora N9002 “Be Seen” for Autism Acceptance Month in April 2022.

Ton has also collaborated with Puma to create a limited edition Sasha Banks-themed sneaker, dubbed the GV SPECIAL DETROIT VS BOSTON EDITION.

Is Sarath’s wife, Sasha Banks, as wealthy as he is? How Much Money Does He Have?

While Ton’s long-term companion, Sasha Banks, is a millionaire, it’s unclear what Sarath thinks of money and financial rankings.

Nonetheless, it is unconvincing that Banks’ husband, Ton, is also a millionaire, similar to his wrestler wife, who apparently has a net worth of more than $4 million. During a successful career on the independent circuit, Banks allegedly cashed in the majority of this riches.

In any case, given his association with one of the richest sports organizations, Sarath’s net worth might be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars at the absolute least.

Sarath Ton Is a Social Media Powerhouse.

Ton, in addition to being a designer, is also active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The ex-Chaotic Wrestling fighter’s husband usually posts about his design work, times he hangs around with his dog, snippets of his occasional radio and podcast sessions, images of his wife, and other things.

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