Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Locations - Hunting Down the Rarest Animals in RDR 2! (2023)

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Locations guides features a full list of all the rarest animals in the game. If you are looking to get some powerful trinkets and talismans, then hunting down these notorious beasts will unlock them for you.

One of my favorite parts of Red Dead Redemption is the hunting. There's something kind of peaceful about it, just heading off into the wilds to track down some game. You can do this with the animals that just roam around, but you can also challenge yourself a bit further to take down the legendary beasts.

Now, this is a fun challenge and will take a fair amount of time, but there's a practical use for it as well. You'll need to kill the legendary animals to get trinkets and talismans, which give you permanent buffs for your cores and can impact other parts of the game. Some of the trinkets will slow weapon degradation, help you receive higher-quality parts when skinning, and stop animals stored on your horse from spoiling. Not only that, but there are some that increase your stamina, dead eye, and even the money obtained by looting. That's just the trinkets, the talisman are even more powerful. They will decrease the speed at which your dead eye, health, and stamina cores will drain!

RDR 2 Legendary Animal Tips

  • Take your legendary pelt back to the Trapper and sell them for some extra cash. This isn't strictly required, and you'll still be able to purchase all of the items that require parts of the animal.
  • You can't sell the legendary pelts to anyone but a Trapper.
  • The pelt from a legendary animal do not have a rating, they are essentially always "perfect" so you don't need to kill them in a specific way.
  • Look for the ? mark on your map to find the exact location of the first clue. If you are struggling to find it, you can use Eagle Eye to locate it. You will see a swirly yellow marker in the air designating the spot. After you've located that, you can track the trail and it should be easy enough to follow.
  • When you find the legendary animal, be sure to use your dead eye to kill it. The animals absorb a lot of damage, so getting off a bunch of shots on them for "free" will take them down quite easily. The animals do a lot of damage, and will pretty much one shot you if they can get close enough.
  • Purchase some express ammunition which will deal more damage for the particular gun you want to use. You are likely best off with a repeater or one of your rifles, because you will want to just go into dead eye and spam as many shots as possible on the animal's face.
  • Most of the animals will drop an extra item that you can use at the Fence to purchase a trinket. The trinkets gives you a permanent buff to either your health, dead eye, or something in particular.
  • Not only are there trinkets, but there's also talismans. These are much harder to craft, and you'll need some additional items to create them. Some of the talismans even require that you complete other side quests to obtain the particular item needed to purchase them.
  • Some of the Legendary Animals require you to be either fairly far in the story or fully done with it.

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Trapper Locations

When you land one of those legendary animals, you'll want to take the pelt to the nearest trapper so it doesn't decay. Here's a list of the locations:

RDR 2 Legendary Animals Locations

Grizzly Bear

The Legendary Grizzly Bear is the first introduction to these beasts. Hosea will start with you on this quest and show you the ropes on how to track them down. You'll see a question mark on your map, if you head to that area and use your Dead Eye on it, you will see a yellow pillar of scent. You can then track that and follow the trail to the next clue. Follow that clue, and you'll find the Grizzly Bear. Make sure to start your dead eye off from a distance so you can land enough shots on the bear before it can get to you. This beast does a ton of damage, and if it gets too close, you might be doomed!

You'll find the Grizzly Bear north of O'Creagh's Run in the Grizzlies East.


The Legendary Beaver is located to the west of the Van Horn Trading Post. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about getting mauled during this hunt. After you've found the second clue, make sure not to just sprint towards the location. You don't want the beaver to run away from you!


To the west of Valentine near the Cattail Pond that is south of Grizzlies West, you will find the Legendary Ram!


You can find the Legendary Boar north of the Lagras swamp, in the Bluewater Marsh area near the Kamassa River.


The Legendary Buck can be found in Big Valley, this is on the west side of the map and is north west of Strawberry and Owanjila lake.


The Bullgator can be found south of Lagras in the swamps. You'll want to be sure to keep him at range, because he's a big guy that will chomp you up real quick.


To hunt down the Legendary Cougar, you are going to need to have finished up the main story. You'll find him wandering to the west of Tumbleweed in the Gaptooth Ridge. The cougar is another fearsome foe that is incredibly fast, so be sure to sneak up on it and take it down quickly or you'll get sliced up. This might be the most dangerous one, because it gets a hint of you pretty quickly and will attack instantly.


You can find the Legendary Coyote in Lemoyne to the north of Rhodes in Scarlett Meadows.


To the east of Bacchus Station you can find the Legendary Elk. This is near Donner Falls in the Cumberland Forest area.


The Legendary Fox can be found north of Rhodes and to the south of Mattock Pond in Scarlett Meadows.


If you're looking for the Legendary Moose, it can be found at the way north east portion of the map that is north of Brandywine Drop in Roanoke Ridge.


This is another one you'll need to have completed the story to locate. The Legendary Pronghorn can be found near the Rio Del Lobo Rock and to the south west of Lake Don Julio in the Rio Bravo.

Tatanka Bison

Another of the animals that require you to be done with the story. You'll find the Tatanka Bison to the south east of Macfarlane's Ranch and to the north west of Manteca Falls in Hennigan's Stead.

White Bison

You read that correctly, there are two bisons! The Legendary White Bison can be found near Lake Isabella which is in Grizzlies West in Ambarino.


The Legendary Wolf is near Cotorra Springs that is north west of Bacchus Station near the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

Bonus Legendary Animal

Now that's it for the standard Legendary animals you'll want to hunt down, but if you want to actually complete them all then there's a final challenge you will need to undertake. This will take quite a bit of time, because you'll have to complete the Master Hunter Challenges to get it to spawn.

Master Hunter Challenges

  • Skin Three Deer
  • Get Three Perfect-Quality Rabbit Pelts
  • Track 10 Different Animals Using Your Binoculars
  • Get a Clean Kill After Calling to an Animal 5 Times
  • Skin 3 Black or Grizzly Bears
  • Kill 5 Cougars With Your Bow, Then Skin Them
  • Use Bait to Lure and Kill Both a Herbivore and Predator
  • Catch 3 Fish Without Using a Fishing Rod
  • Catch an Opossum Playing Possum

Once you've done all of these, you will unlock the final Legendary animal the Panther "Giaguaro."

Panther "Giaguaro"

If you've finished all those challenges, you can then attempt to take down the Legendary Panther. You will find it to the east of Braithwaite Manor and south of Rhodes in Scarlett Meadows! This is similar to your fight against the Cougar, so be careful because it will attack you very quickly and aggressively.

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