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There are quite a few users who want to learn how to get unbanned from Tinder.

If you are one of themor you see a Tinder account under reviewmessage, you may read this article and learn how to do it.

The process of getting unbanned is explained in the simplest possible format.

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Introduction to Tinder

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Tinder is a popular dating app that was launched in 2012. The app allows users to create a profile with photos and a brief bio. Then, swipe through the profiles of other users in their area.

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Users can swipe left to pass on a profile or swipe right to indicate interest. If two users both swipe right on each other’s profiles, they’re matched. Then they can then communicate through the app’s messaging feature.

Tinder has become known for its simple, user-friendly interface and its emphasis on casual dating and hookups. However, the app has also been criticized for promoting superficial judgments based on appearance and for facilitating the behavior.

Besides, let’s learn how to perform a Tinder profile search without creating an account. Discover the popular dating app and its unique search parameters.

It Comes with Interesting Features

Tinder has since added a range of features, including the ability to “Super Like”someone. This feature is included to indicate a higher level of interest.

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On top of that, they have a special paid subscription service called Tinder Plus. This feature offers additional features, such as the ability to undo a swipe and access a “passport” feature.

This feature allows users to swipe in other locations around the world. Overall, Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps in the world, with millions of users.

Why Do Tinder Accounts Get Banned?

Tinder, like any other social platform, has community guidelines that users are expected to follow.

These guidelines are in place to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users. When a user violates these guidelines offered by Tinder, they can be banned from the app.

If a user engages in one or more activities mentioned below, they are likely to get banned. Or, they can see the Tinder account under reviewmessage.

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● Usage of Inappropriate Language

One of the most common reasons for getting banned from Tinder is using inappropriate language or behavior. This includes sending offensive messages, making derogatory comments, or engaging in inappropriate behavior during chats or dates.

● Creating Fake Profiles

Creating fake profiles is another violation of Tinder’s guidelines that can lead to a ban. This includes using someone else’s photos, using fake names or ages, or misrepresenting oneself in any way.

● Promoting Illegal Activities

Soliciting or promoting illegal activities is strictly prohibited on Tinder. This includes selling or buying drugs, weapons, or any other illegal items or services. It is also prohibited to promote prostitution or any other form of sex work.

● Spamming

Spamming or harassing other users is another violation that can lead to a ban. This includes sending unsolicited messages or repeatedly messaging someone who has made it clear they are not interested. Additionally, sharing inappropriate content such as nudity, graphic images, or violent content is not allowed on the platform.

● Using 3rdParty Apps

Using third-party apps or violating Tinder’s terms of service can also result in a ban. This includes using automation tools, hacking or modifying the app, or creating multiple accounts.

What Can You Do About It?

Let’s assume that your account is banned or under review due to any of the reasons above.

In fact, there’s nothing much you may be able to do in this case. In general, you’ll come across such a situation due to multiple reports by other users and violations of ToS. If you see such a notification, you have nothing much left to do to avoid it.

Also, Tinder will not allow you to create a fresh profile using your existing phone number or FB profile. If you have not violated any ToS, you may get really worried about this situation.

However, there is a workaround you can follow to get your Tinder profile unbanned. In general, Tinder performs periodical reviews on the requests sent by users whose profiles are banned.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow if you wonder how to get unbanned from Tinder.

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Before a ban, you will see that your Tinder account is under review. After a couple of days, the account may get banned.

Then, you can follow the method we mention below. As per this method, you are supposed to send a request to reconsider their decision on your account.

Once the request is sent, Tinder staff will go through the decision and see if it is fair enough.

01. First, you should click hereso you will be directed to the help center of Tinder. When you have landed on that page, just click its dropdown box. You can see that this page is located under the option called “What can we help with“. Then, select the option called “Trouble with accounts login“.

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02. After that, click on the option called “What’s going on“. You can see it under a dropdown. Then, you should select the option that starts with “Can’t log in……“.

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03. Now, you will see a contact form. Make sure that you enter the information correctly (such as the registered email address and contact number). Once you have done that, you should enter the feedback related to your ban. Then, you should also point out the reasons why they should unban your profile. In addition to that, you may add documents that support your case. You will be able to add those documents by tapping on the option called “Add File“.

After adding the details, you can click “Submit“. This button is located toward the bottom of this page.

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The truth is that we cannot guarantee the success of this method. Even though the request is sent, the decision is solely based on the review team.

When your Tinder account is under review, this approach can give you some hope of recovering it. But you should send such a request (an appeal) only if your ban is imposed unfairly.

If everything works well, your Tinder account will be reinstated to its normal state. However, it may take a couple of hours.

Will the Profiles with Paid Subscriptions Get Banned?

Having a paid subscription to Tinder does not guarantee that you will not be banned from the app. If you violate Tinder’s community guidelines or terms of service, you could still face a ban. This is regardless of whether or not you are a paid subscriber.

It’s important to note that Tinder takes violations of its guidelines and terms seriously. They’ll use a variety of methods to detect and prevent users from engaging in behavior that violates its policies.

Additionally, if you’re banned from Tinder, creating a new account with the same information is also against their policies. So, it could result in a permanent ban from the app.


To avoid being banned from Tinder, make sure you familiarize yourself with their community guidelines and terms of service.

Then, you should adhere to those guidelines strictly. This includes being respectful to other users and not engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities.

Also, users are not supposed to use the app to solicit or advertise products or services.

And that’s all about how to get unbanned from Tinderand solutions for the Tinder account under review.

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