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Day 67
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the Bigg Boss anthem. Shalin hugs Tina. Archana says she’s fooling him so much. It’s so fake. Sounadrya says I know it from day 1. Archana says how will it go outside? Archana says how will they do drama outside? Soundarya says Salman mentioned at least having courage. Sajid says the captain is sleeping. Nimrit says it’s the last day. Priyanka says last day. Soundarya says I want to see Ankit as the captain. Archana says he will sleep only.

10:45 AM
Shalin says to Shiv I want to be the captain. He says I can’t commit. Shalin says if you get a chance, at least support me. Shiv says okay. Shalin comes to Tina. Tina says they don’t trust you. They fake it. They will support Sumbul. Shalin says he’s good with me. Tina says okay test it. You will see. Shiv and Nimrit play together, part them and see their reality. Shalin says why should I think bad for someone? She says are you here to be great or win? Give people chances. He says it’s a good thing if they’re friends. I am not scared of nomination. Tina says I am scared of nomination. I want to win.

Ankit comes. Tina says you still look good Ankit. Messy look, cute smile. Ankit says Shalin don’t get jealous, that’s the strategy. Shalin says I am not. Tina says he looks good what can I do? Shalin tells Nimrit about Shalin. Nimrit says we will support him. Joking. Abdu says of course I know. Archana says Ankit reminds me of 50 shades of gray. It was my favorite movie. Priyanka laughs.

3 PM
Bigg Boss says Nimrit regime ended. We have to find the new king and queen. All 4 contenders will throw mud at each other. Sumbul, Shalin, Priyanka, and Ankit will have white shirts in their laundry shops. They won’t be clean for long. There’s color and mud in the garden. On siren, you can throw mud and throw another person out. Other contestants can wash and make the t-shirts clean and put them back in the shop. There will be three rounds and a different umpire for each round. The umpire will kick out the person in each round. Nimrit is the first umpire.

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3:15 PM
The task starts. Sajid asks Shiv will you wash for Sumbul? Tina says to Priyanka we have to get Sumbul out in the first round. After that, I don’t mind who becomes captain of us three. Priyanka asks Archana will you support me? I only have you, Ankit has a lot of people. Soundarya is doing it for him.

The task starts. Shalin and Tina make Sumbul’s dirty. Shiv washes for Nimrit. Priyanka says Shalin you’re attacking us not her. He says I am. Priyanka says Shiv you have to dry up as well. Shiv says stop cheating. You’re picking from here when I am washing. Nimrit says you dry them here. Priyanka says Sumbul also picked mine. Sumbul says they’re all ganging up on me. Sajid says exactly. Priyanka says you all were always against us. sOundarya says don’t command Sumbul Sajid Ji. Let her play. Priyanka says he does that every time. Sajid says I will help. Buzzer blares. Nimrit says stop it. Ankit says Shiv can’t hang after the buzzer. Nimrit says Tina is also doing it. You all can hang out.

4 PM
Nimrit says at the end of this round, the person I am kicking out is Shalin. Bigg Boss says you had to tell the winner. Nimrit says I saw all the clothes. Archana says there are clean ones there too. Nimrit says you hung it after the buzzer too. She takes out one shirt. Ankit says Sumbul also did it after the buzzer. Nimrit says Priyanka had the least clear clothes. Priyanka says what are you doing Nimrit? Count first. She says Shalin is the winner. Bigg Boss says Shalin is the winner so he will decide who he wants sot to kick out of the race for captaincy. Shalin says to Sumbul don’t look at me. She says scared? Priyanka says her cheating didn’t work. Tina says to Shalin it’s up to you. Do what you feel is right. Shalin puts mud on Sumbul’s face. He says she has just woken up. She has to become a good contestant first before becoming a captain. Priyanka says well done. Sumbul says you all are targeting me. Priyanka says we were always targeted in tasks. Sumbul says he’s scared of me. They’re scared. Tina says yeah we are very scared. Priyanka says yeah you’re scared. Sumbul says to play alone. Priyanka says I was playing alone anyway. Where were you for 10 weeks? Sumbul says stop this drama. Sajid says friendship is bigger than the game. Sumbul says to Sajid I was the only person who stood with him.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the task hasn’t started, why are you filling the buckets? Nimrit throws the water. Sajid asks Ankit can you save me from nomination? He says yes. Bigg Boss announces Sumbul is the next captain. Nimrit and Sumbul laugh. She says see what I do now. Shalin says I am not even in a hurry. Priyanka says Shalin has color in his hand. Tina says Shalin makes Priyanak’s dirty. Tina says Sumbul will out Shalin only. Priyanka shouts Shalin is taking my shirt from the rope. She says you’re throwing them from there. Shalin says I didn’t. Sumbul says Priyanka has the cleanest clothes. Archana hugs Priyanka. Sumbul says it’s clear whoever has a problme can count. Shalin says I respect your decision but I got the game. Bigg boss says Priyanka is the winner of this round. Who will you kick out? Shalin says is this even a question? Such an unfair round. It was two players against 1. Tina says it was 3 vs. 1 too. Priyanka says I want to out Shalin. He can’t even stand his words. He can’t understand a task. He can’t run the house. He puts mud on the house.

4:45 PM
Sumbul says he’s so cheap. Nimrit says I told him to throw the color in his hand. Tina says what will you do now? He says I will nominate Ankit. Tina says how? one of them will become the captain? Are you an idiot? I told you to fight properly. You had to focus on both. Priyanka wants to be the captain. The third round starts. Bigg Boss says Shalin is the captain.

Shalin says I will be fair. The task starts. Priyanka makes Ankit’s clothes dirty. She says now you come to the ground. Tina says to Nimrit I am shocked. Nimrit says to wait for things to unfold. Shalin counts and says Ankit has more clean clothes. Ankit is the winner. Priyanka hugs Ankit. Bigg Boss says Ankit is the new king. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss asks Ankit to apply color to Priyanka’s picture. He applies it. Everyone laughs.

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5:15 PM
Bigg Boss says Ankit will you hear you as the captain now or Priyanka? Priyanka says to him only. Bigg Boss says Ankit you have to do room allocation. People in room 2 will be your favorites and will be cooks and safe from the next nomination. Ankit says first is Priyanka. Bigg Boss says you took time to think. He says no I was thinking of the other person. She’s a very strong contestant. Shalin says she can’t cook. Priyanka says Stan did. Ankit says Sajid. Shalin says how will you eat? Sajid says this is friendship. Ankit says Sajid has the strongest both with me after Priyanka. So he’s after Priyanka there. He says Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya are in room 3. Abdu stan and Sumbul are in room 4. Nimrit, Shiv, and Archana are in room 6. Sajid says appreciates it. You chose friendship over the stomach. He says I will eat when I go out.

Shalin says Soundarya don’t use my towel. Gautam is watching. Archana says to Shiv you’re messing with me. I let Soundarya go to the shower because she has to cook. Shiv says I will go first. Shiv and Shalin go together. Archana turns off the light. She says don’t do this. Shalin says we were joking.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Nimrit are you happy? She says yes. He says Ankit is the captain. Nimrit says that’s a good thing. He says your Sajid sir is safe too. She says yes Sajid saved him twice so it’s fair. Bigg boss says Sajid wanted to save Sumbul. You saved her. Sajid wanted to save Tina, Shiv did that. Where are you both? Nimrit says it’s not that. People have their fates. Bigg Boss says Ankit was the most inactive member and he’s the captain today. Nimrit says this is his luck. It was his day. Bigg Boss says truth is hard. Your truth will take you out of this house if you stay this way. Nimrit says no Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says the day you start thinking of yourself even with your friends, you won’t have to worry about going out.

6 PM
Soundarya says Ankit I always stood with you. I wanted you to win, I supported you. I gave my heart and blood yet you didn’t save me. Ankit says it was a hard choice, I had to save Sajid too. Bigg Boss says Ankit at least wear your mic. Priyanka says to Ankit you made your call. Sajid supported you after Sumbul was out. He’s your friend but after a lot of people. Ankit says I realized that later too. Priyanka says Soundarya supported you here. She’s hurt. He says I realized later.

6:45 PM
Nimrit says to Shalin her dad said something but you don’t hold things in your heart. He says her dad wanted this distance. I cared for her. Nimrit says so, did she? He says I don’t like being mean to her.

8 PM
Shalin says to Tina, you made Priyanka win. Tina says you never know if I could be an umpire. It was common sense. Shalin says I defeated her in the end. He says no one was adding to your room of 2. Tina says I was there. Shalin says he wanted Sajid back. I had to be fair. Tina says I wanted to win. He says I didn’t and it’s okay. You’re such a bad loser. She says don’t talk to me like that. Sajid says Shalin wants SUmbul not there when he’s there. I told him she will sit with us.

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9 PM
Soundarya says to Shalin Tina came to me and said will you share a bed with Shalin? You want to share a bed with Shalin. I said I wanted to be in a single bed, why would I share it with Shalin? Priyanka says why would she even say something like that. SOundarya says she said you used to share with Gautam too. I said it’s not the same thing. Shalin says yeah I am much superior. she says whatever that thing it. Soundarya says isn’t it weird for her? She has no limit. She said I don’t wanna share a bed with any guy in this house. Are we here to share beds with guys? Tina comes there. She says it was just a question. I love that small bed. Soundarya says you said in a weird manner. tina says it was just about that bed. She says to speak to the captain. You take the small bed, I will shift to room 6. Shalin says no.

Nimrit says Bigg Boss told me you both never play for yourself just your friends. Shiv says he said the same to me. Tina says she latches on to things. I didn’t question her character. You didn’t even say anything. Tina leaves in anger. Tina says you see flaws in me only. He says I defend you where can. He walks out. Tina says walk out or never talk to me. He says I lost my chance, at least one day can you be nice to me? She leaves in anger. Shalin says now you walked out on me.

9:15 PM
Abdu says Sajid is having a headache and unconscious from hunger. I am so sad for him. He’s not well. He’s sitting alone. Nimrit says how has he not eaten? Abdu says Archana is forcing him to cook. Priyanka isn’t cooking either.

10 PM
Archana says I’ve kept rotis on the shelf. Don’t leave them outside. Nimrit says Archana listen. Archana says we are starting a new day. Priyanka says to Ankit don’t I think for you? He says you do. Priyanka says you have a lot of friends here and I am the villain after doing everything. He says I don’t get into mess. She says you never stop people when they go above and beyond for you. Archana says I won’t tolerate food wastage in this house. Have some shame. I’ve kept the rotis outside. Pick it, otherwise, you won’t get food from me.

11:30 PM
Stan says I want to go. Nirmit says give me two crores. He says help me get out. Nimrit says I will entertain you. Abdu says give me money, I will fight with you. Shiv says he’s irritated now. Stan leaves. Abdu asks what happened. Shiv says the same thing. His fans save him every time. Nimrit says he’s an idiot.

11:45 PM
Priyanka says Sajid saved him when it was convenient for him. Sojndarya says could he win if I didn’t do all those efforts? If I become friends I do it with heart. Priyanka hugs him. Ankit comes. Archana says talk it out. Soundarya says there’s nothing to talk about. Archana says Sajid chose his favorites only. Soundarya says what would I get with the effort? He says I didn’t think about the game at that time. Archana says at least you should’ve looked at us. Priyanka says it was his call, we would get blamed. Archana says let them talk, we go. Priyanka says I won’t go. Archana says let’s go. They leave. Ankit says I have a band with him from day 1. Soundarya says I took a stand for you that day too when Priyanka was blaming you and you rather went against me and said it’s our matter. Priyanka says I want to know Ankit’s answer. Archana says he won’t’ be able to talk in front of you. Priyanka says why can’t he? She goes out in anger. She says Ankit you can’t speak in front of me? Soundarya says you both can come here. Priyanka says it’s getting on me again. Ankit says if I couldn’t I would say it. Archana says he gets silent. Priyanka says to tell the reason. Archana says I just said it. Priyanka says it’s going badly on me. She was venting out. Priyanka says ruin my image. She leaves in anger. Archana goes after her.

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Ankit says to Soundarya I didn’t want to disrespect you. She says it shows where I stand for you. It’s a reality check for me. Archana says that wasn’t my intention. Priyanka cries sand says it’s getting on my image. Archana says this is making you weak. Priyanka says it is. Don’t say such things. He’s not a kid, I can’t stop him from talking. This is getting on my head. Archana says I won’t say this again. Soundarya asks Ankit to go to Priyanka. Archana says to Priyanka have you ever thought why I asked you to come with me? Think about it. I consider you a friend, I think better for you. Priyanka hugs her. archana says I was saving you. Priyanka says I wanted to be part of that conversation. Archana says it would come again of you. Why would you defend Ankit. Let her shout at him.

Ankit comes and says still crying? Archana sys I am going. Priyanka says she said something that I took to heart. Nothing big. Ankit says Archana you can abuse me, don’t say anything to her. He hugs Priyanka.
Abdu says to Soundaarya I don’t understand, trust people once. Soundarya says you’re right but we are not cunning people. Abdu says this is how it is.

1 AM
Archana says who took my blanket? Mine is yellow, not black. Nimrit says she has to start drama about bedsheets and blankets every time. Priyanka says to ask Tina, she took new bedsheets too. Nimrit says Tina does this every time. Don’t we need clean things? Archana says she only has hygiene issues only. Soundarya says it was in my room. Tina is sleeping on the sofa with Archana’s blanket. Priyanka says why is she sleeping here? Soundarya says because of that bed thing. Attention problems. Soundarya says this is too much. Nimrit says madam can’t have a separate bed every time. Nimrit says you have to share. Priyanka says you don’t have privilege there. She made her call, you go and sleep, Soundarya. Archana says she shared with me too. Soundarya says then she was like you sleep between me and Shalin. Why does she act like that? Archana says hugging and kissing don’t show anything. Nimrit says have you taken responsibility to be between her and every guy. She keeps joking about you with him. Soundarya says what rubbish. Nimrit says it’s not your responsibility. Priyanka says you go and sleep chill. Archana says she will in senses in a day.

Tina comes there. Nimrit says Tina where did you get that blanket from? She says it’s mine. I wouldn’t use anyone else’s blanket. Nimrit says we had also a yellow blanket. Soundarya says this is Archana’s. Everyone has one blanket. Soundarya says they took extra from me. Tina says I feel cold, so they gave me extra. Archana says okay fine. She wants people to beg her and give her attention.

Episode ends

Precap-Ankit gets power in nomination. Archana says I got a chance to nominate the fake person. Soundarya says everyone has a different point of view. Shiv says Shalin bring your reality out. SUmbul says Shalin stop living in past. Shalin says someone has hurt me a lot in this house.

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Update Credit to: Atiba


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