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Day 121
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Shalin says a new day. Archana says Priyanka I have poetry. Priyanka says no right now. She says please. The one who didn’t do anything yesterday won’t do anything today and the one who didn’t do anything today won’t do anything tomorrow. Priyanka says good. Sumbul says Archana ate paratha of our flour. That’s all we had. Nimrit asks Archana the flour you ate wans’t yours. Archana says I know. The flour you gave was for 15 rotis, I added 2 more there. Nimrit says I don’t have a problem with you eating. At least communicate. She says for one roti? Nimrit says someone must have planned for it. Archana says there’s other flour too. I gave two last night too. Nirmit says this is ridiculous, ask for a paper and pen from BB and calculate your debit and credit there. Archana says you’re questioning my food, see yourself. Nimrit says I don’t need to see myself. Mind your tone. Shiv says she wanted this since morning. Nimrit says Archana if I am talking to you with manners, I can shout as well. Archana says I cooked you all every day. I will eat what I want. Nimirt says do what you want. Archana says you are useless. Nirmit says I won’t eat from her room at all.

Archana says they have no shame. They question one roti, don’t see when I give them. They don’t see when I cook for them. Archana says Nirmit has some shame. See yourself and your lads., Nimrti says they’re not my lads. Mind your words. Archana says they’re your mandali. Nirmit says I didn’t bring them from home. Archana says did you come here starving? Didn’t you get food from home? You eat here, learn to appreciate. Nimrit says you blo*dy don’t say anything to me. Nimrit screams. Archana says when eat learn to appreciate. Nimrit says what are you saying. Archana says why should I cook. Nimrit says you are the one who wants to calculate food. All I asked was to just tell before taking someone’s flour. Archana says don’t shout like crazy. Am I stupid? Nirmit says everyone has seen how crazy you are. I am not starving like you. You always talk about food. Archana says I can see how hungry you are, crying over a roti. Nimrit leaves in anger. Archana says I won’t cook for anyone. Nimrit says don’t cook for us. Archana says I am not hungry like her. Nimrit says she has such a small mentality. She throws her cup and says if calls are hungry one more time I will smash her face. Archana says shut up. Archana says you are acting crazy. Nimrit says see your language, see your actions. Shalin calms Nimrit. Archana says what a coward. Nimrit says no one can scare me. Archana says you, mad woman. Nimrit says you are a mad woman everyone can see. Everyone has seen who fought for food all the time. Don’t go on my appetite. I ate 2 rotis from start. Archana says shut up, everyone is seeing you.

Nimrit screens inside. She says shut up. Archana says shout, show your reality, Bring it out. Shout louder. What will you do today? You didn’t do anything for 4 months. Now she’s thinking let’s win. Joke of the day. Nimrit says what a ridiculous woman. She says never do anything for these people Priyanka. They eat and then forget. Sumbul says we don’t want you to do anything. Archana says we’ve seen your reality. Sumbul says we have seen your humanity you better not talk about it. Sumbul says I didn’t come here to fight. Archana says I have mercy on you all hungry people. I always add from my flour. Sumbul says are you crazy? You fight for no reason. Archana says don’t talk to me then. Nimrit says she says saying your lads, I am a hungry woman. Shiv says that’s her language. Nirmit says she said I ruined her sleep. She abused me. No one will see that. No one will see how she provokes people. Shiv says people will see what she did. Nimrit says I’ve been showing her patience since yesterday. I am done being nice.

(Video) Bigg Boss Sneak Peek | 30th Jan | Archana और Nimrit में हुई ज़ोरदार लड़ाई, क्या BB करेंगे इंसाफ?

Archana says to learn to give a roti to someone. Nimrit screams. Archana screams back. She says louder. Archana says your reality is coming out. Nimrit says your reality is being shown how you scream people. Nimrit says you provoke people. You fight with your friends for 2 rotis. How would you not leave others? You count everyone’s food. Archana says everyone saw you took two roti from Shiv’s place. Sumbul couldn’t give milk. Sumbul says did you ask? Archana says when beggers come to your place you ask them if they want milk. Sumbul says are you bigger? Have some senses. Archana says I am telling you how you think. Sumbul says she’s crazy. Archana says we give things without asking. Nimrit says she’s not worth arguing with. Crazy woman.

9:30 AM
Priyanka says I wanna comment on one thing only. Better not talk about it. They bring people down by to even sitting at the same table. I don’t want any other involvement in this. Shiv says she stoops so low. Shiv says you don’t need to give her the content she wants. Don’t pay heed. She stoops lower. Nirmit says it’s been building since yesterday. Shiv says yes I know. Nimrit says if someone wants to judge me for it. They should also see how I dealt with her patients. Shiv says no one will judge. Archana says she talks so much. She does do that at home? Priyanka says don’t bring the family. Archana says I am saying normally. Nimrit says I will die hungry. I won’t eat her cooked food. Archana says they are showing their worth in the last few weeks. She says the other fairy thinks my friend is doing drama. Shiv says she was talking about humanity. Shiv says everyone knows how you treat people. You’re someone who shatters other people’s dreams. Archana says to Priyanka you didn’t fight in my fight. In theirs, two background music are speaking. Mandali’s guru and apprentice. Now Sajid has given the guru title to Shiv and Stan is his apprentice. Priyanka keeps doing her workout. Nimrit says she can threaten to hit people but my one word is wrong. Shiv says you were not wrong. Nimrit says my first word was picked in the third week too. If someone does this time too, I will say yes I did. Archana says Priyanka we should make poems together. She laughs. Shalin says everyone has lost now. Priyanka madam is fine, she was busy with her workout. Her friend was fighting. She was like I wanna have my workout time. I am happy.

12:30 PM
Shalin says I was once in a car with a friend and driver. We thought we would enjoy it. Shiv says that’s a real twist. Shalin says then we reached the highway. Stan laughs. Shalin says we thought we should rest. We went to a dhaba. He said he won’t give us tea if you don’t take food. We looked for another dhaba. We were going in the car. My friend forgot her purse there at the dhaba. Stan says do you know drivers eat edibles to stay up.

Archana looks into the camera and says you have no right to look at me like you. You have no right to look this gorgeous but I will. Maheen plays with Shalin. Shalin dances inside. Archana says flour is for 16 rotis. I am adding for Nimrit. Nirmit says we don’t want more, make 16. Archana says where I a,m from we are taught. Nimrit says don’t start that. Where I came from, we give langar there every day. Archana says then you should know. Nimrit says don’t get personal. Archana says you showed where you’re from. Nimrit says better not compare yourself to me. Shiv says don’t add extra. Archana says now a supporter is talking. He says I am just telling. Shalin says now Shiv is taking over Nimrit’s point. His existence is to dominate mandali’s points. Shiv says we don’t want from you what you would talk about. Archana says you didn’t see her shouting. Nimrit says you don’t have to make extra. You ruined my day. Please don’t argue with me anymore. We will discuss it later. Don’t make extra. Archana says today? Nimrit says I am talking about right now. Nimrit says if you don’t wanna cook for me you can say that. Don’t use this sarcasm with me. I am not wrong. The world has seen you too. Archana says suddenly you have started shouting. Nirmit says this is how I talk. Don’t mess with me I know how to talk. Nimrit says I don’t wanna talk to you right now. Archana says won’t you fight for a ticket to the finale? Nimrit says my head hurts. Archana says now your head hurts. Nimrit says everyone saw you. Archana says you came to question my one roti. Now you realized it was the wrong point. Nimrit says I didn’t question. I didn’t question. Archana says have some shame. Nimrit says now you’re shivering. Shiv says girls must be ashamed of her. Archana says they ask beggars if would they like to eat. Nimrit leaves and cries in the room. Archana says now she’s doing a drama as I did some atrocities on her. Shiv says she thinks she’s our boss. Archana says she thought she would spend 4 months sleeping in the mandali, now she’s thinking I will do something now. It won’t work. I will cook your roti in this flour. Nimrit says that flour was in the room. Archana says Nimrit has gotten her flour in the fridge but she had a problem if I took one out. Nimrit says I only asked you to tell. You’re the face of your reality. Nimrit says that’s your friend, not me. Sumbul says we don’t claim to be the. Archana says now you’re captain so you are. Sumbul says she can’t tolerate she has the ticket to the finale. Sumbul says you better not talk about greed.

3:30 PM
Priyanka says are you done now, Archana? Archana says now they’re on the line. Priyanka says you also question people for two rotis. You punish people. She only asked you, you created such a big point of it. Archana says I never questioned them. They have no shame. BB asks Priyanka to come to the confession room. Stan says no one knows if she even added. Did we ask her? Shiv says we will never take anything from her. BB asks Priyanka how are you? She says I am fine. He asks how is the house. She says you know, pretty hot. BB asks the reason. She says a hot roti. BB says how long have you been here? She says 18 weeks. BB says if we give you a remote control one person in the house. Who would you? She says, Shiv. He asks why? Priyanka says she portrays things very differently than how they were. He picks words and turns around things. He has accused me of a lot of things. I can’t prove it wrong. BB says this is all we wanted to ask.

(Video) Bigg Boss 16 30 January 2023 | Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode Today 122 | Bigg Boss 16 Live | CND Tadka

Sumbul says she’s wrong. Shiv says let me talk. BB calls Shiv to the confession room. BB asks Shiv what’s going on. He says the same roti, flour. BB asks is this fun? he says yes. BB says why? Shiv says we’re not letting her portray the way she wants. I asked her to not give it and then there won’t be any fight. And Priyanka ma’am. I don’t know if she has changed. Her switch was pressed and she’s changed now. She was told to support her friend if she was wrong. xxx

Shalin comes to the confession room. BB says Maheen always wanted to come. Bring her too. Shalin says really? He brings Maheen. She runs. Shalin brings her in. He says sit down. BB says his machine. He says you control Maheen well. If we ask who would you want to control in the house? Shalin says I wanna control. He bullies Nimrit and Sumbul a lot. They do get tired sometimes. Archana says to mandali, I’ve cooked. And if someone eats don’t create drama, only one week is left. Don’t count anyone’s food. This isn’t a hotel. Shiv says what a drama.

4:15 PM
Shalin says let’s go eat. Shiv says let them eat. Shalin says I am hungry. Priyanka says they won’t because we’re here. Archana says we don’t worry, their problem. Archana says now they’re eating. BB asks Stan to come to the confession room. BB asks show is roti. He says with a lot of disrespect. BB says we have eaten of hard work, not disrespect. Now I want you all to the living area. Bring your plates. Priyanka says they won’t eat in front of us. BB asks Sumubl how are you? She says I am good. BB says do you know what sample set. She says no. BB says a question is asked from a set of the audience then it’s considered as the opinion of the population. I did the same. I asked three people who would they want to control the house. They had different answers but they all wanted to control someone. This means you all want to control one person. I reset this game and gave Nimrit a ticket to the finale and captaincy. I told her that she will have to fight for it. After two weeks, she still is the captain. BB asks Nimrit how she feels. She says I am grateful. Let’s see. BB asks others. Shalin says we are happy for her. Nimrit says I fed them well. Nimrit says give us arti so we can give her arti. BB says I should have a task related to rotis. But I will do what I want. Now it’s the final exam of Nimrit’s captaincy. Whoever wins today will be the final captain and final owner of the ticket to finale. I asked some of you, who would you want to control. Now I give you chance to control each others’ ticket to the finale remote. He says Priyanka wears Sumbul’s battery. Shiv takes Archana’s battery. Archana wears Shiv’s battery. Shalin wears Stan’s batter. Sumbul wears Shalin’s battery. He asks Nimrit to wear Priyanka’s battery and Stan will wear Nimrit’s. He says now you all have batteries. There is a remote and TV in the garden area. When the buzzer blares one person will come in front of the TV. Everyone else will stand on the TV. Then the person in front of the remote will use the battery in front of them and activate the remote. And then tell one reason to burst the dream of that person getting a ticket to the finale. And that person’s channel would be gone. There will be 6 rounds and the remaining person, in the end, will be the winner of a ticket to the finale.

4:45 Pm
Archana this task is made for Nimrit. Nimrit says we have a chance, we will be a hurdle. I will do that. Archana says let’s act nice. We will fight for Shiv. Priyanka says Nirmrit is too scared to be on a ticket to the finale. Shiv says to Sumbul I’ve not become captain since the start. I need this. She says you always said I don’t need it. Archana says to Shiv I never did anything for you. My heart I saying I should do something for you today and make you win a ticket to finale. Shalin laughs. Archana says I’ve changed. Shalin says she’s playing. Shiv says I know.

Buzzer blares. Everyone stands on the TV. Nimrit says who is going first? Priyanka says to Sumbul you go first. BB says Nimrit wait. Someone asked a question. He says Archana you ask questions about everyone in the house, we don’t mind. You questioned our working style as well. It’s fine. If you question our intention then that’s wrong. Archana says I am sorry. Priyanka says I told you. BB says Archana said this entire task is made to make Nimrit win. xxx

(Video) Today Episode Bigg Boss 16 Promo 30 Jan 2023 | Biggest Fight in the house for Finale

Shalin says no one can even fall sick. Nimrit says I am saying your statements and actions are very contradicting. Priyanka says that’s your opinion. She blasts Priyanka’s chance. Shalin says to Priyanka if someone gets hurt doesn’t mean they’re acting. Priyanka says I am not God, I won’t know magically. I won’t know if you’re sick. I don’t know what you were doing in the confession room. Shlain says everyone knew. Priyanka says how would I know? he says has anyone ever been in the confession room for hours? Priyanka says I didn’t know what were you doing there, I have no special powers. You have to tell. Nimrit says to Stan please don’t put the battery. He says it’s an individual game, I will decide. Shalin says you have been provoking me. Priyanka says that’s what I felt. Stop it, I have accepted it in front of everyone. Shalin says that’s your problem. She says don’t tell me my problems idiots. Shalin says now I am an idiot. Priyanka says should I get into your feet? She says if you considered a friend you would have asked. Shalin says you wanna act great on TV, you will get into the finale this way. Priyanka says you should have told me if you considered me a friend. Shalin says you wanna tell cameras that you’re really good. Priyanka says I will be real and be there on my own. Shalin says you have my blessings. Priyanka says I don’t need them.

5:30 PM
Sumbul comes. Shalin says this is my last chance. She says shouldn’t have messed with me then. He says it was long. Sumbul says I keep past with me. He says what have I done. Sumbul says too much. Shalin says Sumbul, please. Sumbul I take him out of the race. I always took Tina’s name in nominations and there was a reason associated with it and a person. He has never understood me and hurt me a lot. Shalin says I am sorry for that. Priyanka giggles. Shalin says you don’t need to laugh. She says I am doing it on Archana’s action. Sumbul says it was your mistake too. She blasts it. Shalin says I wanted to be the captain. Sumbul says everyone wanted. Archana says he was suddenly acting like a good man. Shalin says to Sumbul are you happy now? She says you can’t tell if I am happy or not. He says I am sorry for hurting you. She says it all is good now.

5:45 PM
Everyone goes on the TV. Shalin says no one is going. Shalin says I wanna blast Stan’s battery. He’s a very good person. He has a lot of blessings already and has a ticket to the finale already so he doesn’t need this. He blasts Stan. Archana says my face got blackened.

6 PM
Everyone goes on the TV. Shalin says someone goes. Shalin says I will never sleep in the captain’s room. Sumbul says don’t make me feel bad because I won’t. He says I am feeling bad for myself. Sumbul says then learn to do things for others. Sumbul says you’re still here. Priyanka and Archana discuss the task. Shalin says to the camera I will never be the captain. You thought you will make others work. You will clean all your life. Buzzer blares. Priyanka says Stan you go. he says no you guys go. Archana says I don’t wanna go. He says someone has to go. Priyanka says I won’t shake hands with enemies. BB says is one of you coming forward or not? Priyanka says he has to go first. Shiv says you can come, Priyanka. BB says Shiv I didn’t ask you, how are you related? He says sorry. BB asks if is anyone coming. Archana goes and blasts Shiv. She says Shiv doesn’t deserve a ticket to the finale. He portrays things wrong. She blasts him. Priyanka says to Shiv both are your friends. Nimrit has been captain twice already. If Sumbul would be saved for one week, it would be good. It’s for about a week only. Nimrit says if you think my friend would do that, he won’t. Archana says to Nimrit, Stan and Shiv already decided. If I didn’t go the task would have gone. Open your eyes. They are not your friends. Nimrit says we will talk about the task when Priyanka isn’t there. Archana says did you see? Nimrit says yes. Priyanka says I won’t go even if the task is gone. Nimrit says I also love Sumbul but you’re asking a friend to murder another one? Priyanka says Sumbul is also his friend. Nimrit says she’s my friend too. Your statement that you won’t go even if the task is gone, he could do that too. Stan says both of you are friends. How would my words change that? Priyanka says Sumbul has been nominated here the most. If she’s still here, then why not ticket to the finale? Stan says I have a brain too. BB says Priyanka has said that even if the task is discarded, she won’t go. Priyanka says I won’t. BB asks Stan? He says no. BB says okay then this card is discarded. Archana says you can go, Priyanka. She says I won’t. I wanted to fight for Sumbul. BB asks is there a winner? Archana says Priyanka don’t do this. Priyanka says he’s playing on my behalf. Priyanka says I am also playing for Sumbul. If she’s here then why can’t she have a ticket to the finale? Archana says Priyanka, please. Priyanka says I won’t. I don’t want it. BB says since there is no winner from today’s task, as a punishment Nimrit still holds the ticket to the finale. Nimrit is still captain and has a ticket to the finale. Nimrit says thank you Bigg Boss. BB says congratulations Nimrt, you’re the first person to get into finale week. Priyanka says congrtuatlsions. I knew this would happen. He says Priyanka what you wanted happened.

BB says Priyanka was being great and saving Priyanka. BB says this was biased. Priyanka says it’s not that Bigg Boss. You’re very fair. I had fun doing this.

(Video) Bigg Boss 16 | 27th January Highlights | Colors | Episode 119

6:45 PM
Priyanka and Archana laugh. Archana says their reality came out. Nimrit says BB said the task is discarded. Shiv asks Stan did I do right? Shiv says yes. He says they wanted to get the task discarded. Stan says I know them. They change their words. They are both our people. Sumbul is very strong, her fans will save her. Shalin says now there will be a nomination again. I get nominated every week.

7:15 PM
Shalin says now I can never be captain. Shiv says you lived like a captain with all your chicken. You had Tina Shalin’s topic all week. Shalin says don’t play with me. I want jacuzzi. Shalin says I have worked hard in this show. Shiv says your cards fell upside down. We plan things, but sometimes they don’t work out. They laugh. Shalin says what do you think/ Shiv says sit. Shalin leaves. Archana says look at the major outisde. He was saying I will never be the captain. Priyanka says really? Archana says what is a he honestly. Priyanka says I won’t cry for it. It’s fine.

7:45 PM
Shiv says to Sumbul don’t feel so bad. What are you thinking? She says thinking about home. Shiv says don’t worry. Shiv says everyone feels bad. It’s normal. I felt bad too. Sumbul says I am not worried. I am thinking about home. Your sisters tried so hard for you. They act very smartly. Nimrit says how can he even expect from Sumbul. Stan says exactly. Shalin says he’s smart. He acts innocent. Archana gives Nimrit halwa for being the first person in the finale. She says you didn’t make the finale. Nimrit says thank you, bro. Archana says give it to your friends. Nimrit says what happened to her suddenly. Sumbul says it’s nomination tomorrow. Shalin says I never thought this sofa, and side of the house it will be my bed. You had so many rooms, what about them? I don’t even normal room let alone captain’s room. Sleep on the sofa Shalin. This is what you deserve.

Episode ends

Precap-BB says this is nomination time. You have to count on time and calculate time till 9 minutes. Others will distract you with some social media messages. They get distracted by messages. Shalin says I want the trophy. Sumbul is distracted. Stan reads his tweets. BB shows social media messages on TV. They show Archana has shown Stan his place. Viewer’s choice Archana.

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Update Credit to: Atiba


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